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Some say you should trust what you see. Others might prefer what they hear. I believe in gut feeling. Unfailingly.

This one special guy & I got married. I wished for it but never could imagined: It‘s the icing on the cake.

A good breakfast kills my morning grouch. Add nice people & a soy chai latte. This is going to be the perfect day!

It‘s a salty breeze in my hair. The seawater kissing my feets. Inner peace & freedom.

My name is Susann. With a double „n“ and without an „e“. But everyone simply calls me Suzie.

Beautiful Baden in Switzerland is my home now. But I do photograph everywhere in the world. It‘s up to you, so bring it on!

I speak german, english & a few words of french. And cat speak, of course!

The truth is, I have the cutest fellow ever: Nikita. Unfortunately most times sleeping & purring. But the best excuse for a short break - always.